Accepting Inquiries and Submissions

Canada is undoubtedly witnessing a severe shortage of skilled labour. We fill this void with dedicated, hard-working, and talented tradesmen and women.

We offer our employers direct placements:

Because our employee candidates are from abroad, work permits are valid for 1 year for unskilled workers and 2 years for skilled workers both of which can be extended without requiring workers to return to their home countries.

How does it work:

Upon submission of your inquiry, we will assess your requirements along with our candidate pool to ensure a proper fit. Shortly after locating a match, we’ll send you the applicant’s resume and police clearances. You will then have the opportunity to interview the candidate via zoom call. Once selected, we will notify the candidate and put our employer in direct contact with one of our many locally licensed lawyers to expedite the LMIA process and seamless issuance of a work permit upon the arrival of the employee to Canada. Currently, the process is taking approximately 7 to 8 weeks from the time of selection of a candidate to their arrival to Canada.

Labour Market Impact Assessment LMIA:

Government regulations require a labour market impact assessment to be completed prior to the filing of a work permit, which are issued at the port of entry upon arrival of selected employees.

Note: Please note wait times do fluctuate for a consultant abrod . Also, note: work permits are employer specific and do not authorize the employee to work for another employer under any circumstances.